Journey of Kadou

  Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.  

- Albert Einstein   


We believe in connecting people,
experiences and skills


We create an environment
for accessible learning


We encourage knowledge

Our Journey

When you know you want to make a difference in people's lives,
when you have the means and the vision,
take that chance; fuelled with passion and drive,
create a legacy supporting not just one but a nation.

This very mindset brought our team together. We wanted to identify gaps in the field of people development and provide accessible solutions. Of course, there is a business model behind it all but we do have a streak of social enterprise throughout our products and services.

Our journey began with collaborating on learning management systems and improving the 3Ps (People, Process, Performance) development products. More recently we have been working on identifying a mentoring network for one and all, no restrictions on field, industry or experience. We are on our way to creating a product that will ensure that you are able to get the help and support for your career aspirations from people who have been there and are willing to share their knowlegde and experience with you.

Come be part of that journey, each one of you have a lot to give!

Our Approach

We are Compatible

Accepting Adaptive Innovative Inclusive Supportive

Unstructured Inconsistent Lack of drive and empathy

We accept we are all different and that we can all add immense value from our individual experiences. Not everyone has the same perspective, so it is important that we are open to your views. We actively encourage feedback, it will only make us better.

We are adaptive and do not hesitate from making changes if it will help us improve your experience with our products and services. The learning process is all about being adaptive to the factors around you, moulding yourself to enhance your knowledge, skills and experience.

We thrive on innovation. It is the critical to us that we look at new and igneous ways of improving the way we access and consuming personal development. If you have an idea, get in touch!

We could not be more inclusive if we tried. Be it our team, our products, our services, there is such diversity that it is inspiring us to do more everyday. We work hard to make learning accessible to all and create content relatable to a spectrum of learners.

We are a very supportive community. We know exactly how it feels when you have a strong network around you. We are always looking for ways to extend this support outward.


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