MU Virgin VOOM 2018 Semi-Finalists

We decided to put MU forward to get a chance to pitch in front of Richard Branson @vmbusiness #Voom

This was our Pitch 2018

I requested all 1600+ of my LinkedIn contacts, one by one to support our #Voom pitch. All of our team members, friends, family and well-wishers joined forces.

New conversations, reigniting old one, support from connections I've known and from those I have not engaged with much or even at all.  It was true unconditional #support and #realnetworking.

It was tough ride, but we made it to the semi-finals and pitched our heart out. 

Here are snippets of our journey to the semi-finals.

Here's me pitching to the panels.

We couldn’t make it to the Finals but we are not stopping now.

Thank you to every single one of you that has supported me, and those that didn't feel they could at this point (hope we can convert you in the future). More importantly #MUThankYou for not getting annoyed on being approached. 


... by Nazia Sarkar in news May 21, 2018


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