Who needs a mentor? I do!

Who needs a #mentor? I do!

Meeting my mentor David James has always been refreshing, and today was no different. I’ve left my #mentoring session feeling inspired, focused and driven for the next steps of my journey.

Sometimes you need that sounding board to hear you out and bounce ideas, seek advice and discuss your next steps.

I haven’t left a mentoring session ever feeling that my future is doom and gloom. On the contrary, I’ve left having self-belief, a plan, guidance and knowing that I’ve got someone who can support my journey.

#Mentors are not there to do your job for you or make your dreams come true. They are there to navigate you through your journey by offering their expertise and counsel. And trust me it feels good when you have that unbiased critical friend in your corner helping you unlock your inner potential.

When was the last time you spoke to your mentor? Don’t have one, then get yourself a mentor.

Have a read of Dr. Steven Berglas’ interesting narrative on ‘Seven reasons most people need a mentor’. He has summed up exactly how I feel today and why I believe in the power of mentoring.

... by Nazia Sarkar in knowledge May 31, 2018


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