Success - What it means to me?

Success - What it means to me?

Silence. Hesitantly I lift my hand. All eyes on me, facilitator paused.

Let me set the scene..

Career Development Workshop, senior managers, HR & LD professionals in the room. And then there is me - the youngest member in the room, mid-level manager, handed in her notice (personal choice), no job to go to, no exit plan in place, mortgage to pay, loving husband, young daughter to look after, walking out of a FTSE 100 organisation, now saying she’s successful. It must be the Coke Zero she’s been having.

“Go on tell us.”

Me: Gulp. “I would say #success is when you are content with what you’ve achieved in your life, taking pride in your journey, knowing that you’ve given it your all and that you've created a happy life for you and your loved ones. Based on that I do consider myself blessed and successful.” Gulp.

Facilitator smiles. Colleagues smile. I smile knowing that my life was exactly that, successful, at least in my eyes.

Don't let the world or people around you dictate the metrics of your happiness and success. Your life is not theirs to measure or critique.

Find your own compass and guide yourself to your success, make it personal! Define your own terms of success!

So, are you successful?

... by Nazia Sarkar in knowledge November 12, 2017


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