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#WorldMentalHealthDay. Are you looking after your mental health wellbeing today?

@heads_together shared their research which showed only 4 in 10 people found talking about their own mental health helpful. But, if they'd had a recent conversation this doubled to 8 in 10 people.

Have you tried speaking to a #mentor about your mental health wellbeing?

#Mentoring encourages people to use strategies which foster positive wellbeing, by engaging people and helping them reach out and use support around them.

Your mentor is not a therapist or a doctor so cannot give you medical advice or tell you what you should do, but they will surely listen to you and may be able to help you to engage with the right services.

You could also reach out to experienced and qualified #MentalHealthMentors, who could support you with understanding the effects of your condition and developing support strategies. Help yourself feel more empowered about your own wellbeing.

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Reinventing your mindset…/reinventing-your-mindset-nazia-…/

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