Great leaders = great mentors!

All great leaders are great mentors by default.

To be an exceptional leader you need to know your strategy, especially your people strategy.

Part of knowing your people strategy is understanding how your business can make it an inclusive and engaged workplace.

The best way to do it is to share your knowledge, experience, shortfalls, progress and plans with your employees. This is what mentors are meant to do al be it at an individual level.

I was always eager to here from senior leadership team members at my previous organisations. I wanted to know how they got there; what they did to become successful; how they were going to influence my life through their business decisions; what they that did I needed to do become successful like them? I wanted to learn from their journey to make mine equally great. Some I got to talk to or work with, others I observed and followed. If that is the level of influence leaders have on their employees, imagine what it would mean to be mentored by them.

Leaders investing in their people strategy know what it takes to get results from their workforce and drive performance. That’s exactly what a mentee needs. Someone who can see the potential in their mentees, use their experience to support, guide, challenge and drive their performance.

So if you’ve been doing that at a large scale you have the necessary ingredients to take individuals through their all important personal and professional journeys.

You may not even realise how your journey or actions act as a source of inspiration and mentoring for your people. You are mentoring by default.

If you have a workforce that looks up to you as a great leader and believes in you, I would encourage you to create a culture of mentoring.

... by Nazia Sarkar in knowledge February 01, 2018


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