Can mentoring impact performance and learner experience?

Can #mentoring impact #performance and #learnerexperience


There is no point in creating content, workshops, training, or systems if they are not intended to improve performance.


L&D has a tendency of creating solutions as a reactive response. Sometimes that may be the right thing to do, but the impact will be limited to the outcome or related to a specific issue. 


If we were to create learner experience data streams to serve as the basis for our learning interventions rather than relying on results of bog standard Training Need Analysis, we would be working on more accurate and reliable findings. We would be working on data that was curated in real time from actual experiences. Doesn’t that seem logical?


So why have we not flipped the need vs demand roles between people and learning interventions? If we were to make learning accessible even before an individual/situation demands it, we will inevitably allow people to consume the knowledge before their performance is hindered and instantly improve the learner experience.


If we offer mentoring at various points in an employee journey, we would be preparing our people to progress through each stage of their career, saving them and the business from making costly mistakes.


How would that work? What's your view?

... by Nazia Sarkar in knowledge July 12, 2019


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