Art of networking

Art of networking

How can you #network when no one engages with you? Or what do you if you've always been hesitant to put yourself out there and network?

You don’t have to always socialise in order for someone to take you seriously, do you?

Online networking? LinkedIn provides one such opportunity.

Agreed that LinkedIn is a great platform for networking. However, if your old connections and new do not have the time or interest in engaging in a conversation with you then what do you do?

It's a catch 22, your content needs to be great for engagement, but you also need an audience that's ready for engagement.

A world of likes, shares, views, connections, algorithms - what do you value most? What has reaped maximum benefit for you?

What happens to your contacts that have actually worked with you in the past? Do they always respond to you as they would when you sent them an email at work? Or do they ignore you cause you no longer belong to their world?

I could stand in front strangers and SMT and deliver training, business proposals & briefings, sell company products, I could do it a heartbeat.

Ask me to network, promote myself or my work and I struggle #extrovert or not.

How's your journey been?

Give your connections a chance!

... by Nazia Sarkar in knowledge November 14, 2017


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